Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising – Best Digital Marketing Guide for Urologist 2022

Are you a Urologist looking for a quick way to bring in new patients to your clinic? Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising is a very effective way for Urologists to target the right type of urology patient for their practice. If you are a Urologists that specializes in specific urological conditions then developing a Google Ad campaign to reach those specific patients is a very quick and effective way to reach them. With Google Ads, you can target potential patients by location and the keywords they search when looking for a Urologist. You will learn how to create a successful Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising campaign throughout this article.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads are pay-per-click advertisements that appear at the top spot of Google’s search result pages. Since Google Ads runs on a PPC model, businesses only pay for these ads when visitors click on their ad, call their office, or visit their website.

Your ads will appear to users the moment they search for the type of service or product you offer. Google Ads will appear to users based on the keywords a business targets and the keywords a user searches. For example, if a user searches for “urologist in la” and you targeted that keyword then your ads will appear in the user’s search results.

These are Google Ads that appear when searching for “urologist Los Angeles”:

googles search reults when reaching for "urologist los angeles"

Why Google Paid Advertising for Urology Marketing?

If you are a Urologist and you’re not running a Google Ad campaign for your practice, you are missing out on the opportunity of reaching patients who are searching the internet for the type of healthcare services you specialize in.

Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising will position your ads at the top spot of Google’s search result pages when users search for relevant keywords. You can target popular high-intent keywords that users search when looking for the medical services you can provide them.

A key component of Google Ads is that you target patients in your local area who are searching the web for the services you offer. You can set your ad campaign settings to target individuals in your local area or nearby cities. This works to ensure that your ads are not reaching people who are too far, who may not be willing to travel the distance to your clinic.

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Creating a Google Ads Account

To start your Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising you need to be signed in to a Google Account. If you need to create one you can do so here.

Click get Start Now.

select start now to start google ads for urology marketing and advertising campaign

You then are asked to choose your main advertising goal for your campaign. Do not choose any of the options provided. Instead, click on Switch to Expert Mode at the bottom of the page in blue font.

Switching to Expert Mode will give you more power over the structure and settings of your ad campaign.

choose "switch to expert mode"

Next, you will be asked to select the goal that would your ad campaign successful for your business. Ignore those options and choose to create an account without a campaign.

choose create an account without a campaign

Then confirm your business information on the next screen. Confirm the billing country, time zone, and currency your business operates under.

confirm the business information of your urology clinic

Great, now your Google Ads account is created and you can start on your Google ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising campaign.

Landing Pages for Urologist Marketing

The Landing Page is also the Final URL in your Google Ads. This is where visitors will land if they click on your ads.

In order to convert visitors to leads or actual patients for your clinic, your landing page and ad should be about the specific topic or medical needs they searched for.

For example, if the user searched for “urologist kidney stone treatments,” the ads they see about your business should highlight that your clinic can help treat their kidney stone condition. Similarly, when they click on your ads the landing page they are directed to should be dedicated to information about kidney stone conditions and treatments.

Your landing page should also include a call-to-action. You could offer an exchange with the visitor to convert them into a lead. For example, you can offer them a free online brochure with more information about kidney stone conditions, in exchange for their name, phone number, and email.

Starting Your Google Ads for Urology Marketing  and Advertising Campaign

Now that you have created your Google Ads account and understand more about landing pages, you can start customizing the settings of your ad campaign. Here you will manage the settings of your ads like ad schedule, keywords to target, and the locations to target.

First, click on New Campaign. 

click on new campaign to start your ad campaign

Then, instead of choosing one of the goals that would make your campaign successful for you, select, “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.”

choose create a campaign without a goals guidance from the options provided

Campaign Type

Choose, Search as you Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising campaign type.

select search as your google ads for urologist marketing and advertising campaign

Then you will have to choose the results you want to get out of your ad campaign.

For your Urology Marketing and Advertising campaign, Phone Calls and Website Visits will be the best results to generate from your ad campaign.

choose phone calls and website visits for your google ads for urology marketing and campaign results

Campaign Name & Networks

In the next step, you will create a name for your ad campaign.

In the Networks section, Google will automatically have both, Search and Display Network selected. Unselect Display Network, so ONLY Search Network is selected.

Under the Networks section, click on show more settings. 

create a name for your campaign and change the networks setting

Ad Dates & Ad Schedule

In the show more settings list, you can set the start and end date for your ad campaign. Keep in mind that your ads will run until you specify an end date.

Next, you can create an ad schedule for your ads. This is where you can set the times you want your ads to run. For example, you may want your ads to run the same time that your Urology Clinic opens and closes.

Or you may want to run your ads sometime before your clinic opens and sometime after your clinic closes. You should select a schedule that is going to give you sufficient time to nurture and reach out to any leads that your ads generate for your office.

If you do not contact your leads in a reasonable amount of time, they may seek urological medical attention elsewhere and you will miss out on any potential patients.

set start and end dates and create ad schedule for your google ads for urology marketing and advertising campaign

Patient’s Location & Language

Next, set the locations you want to target and the language of your ads.

The locations you decide to target should not stray too far from the location of your clinic. You want to consider the drive patients would have to make if your ads are reaching patients too far out. They may not be willing to a long drive out.

set location and language for your ads

Budget & Bidding for Urologists Marketing and Advertising

Next, you will need to set your average daily budget for your ad campaign. Depending on how your ads are performing, some days you may spend more than your daily budget, and some days you might spend less.

The budget you have for your Digital Marketing for Urologists campaign will determine the type of keywords your ads will need to target.

If you have a smaller budget, your ads will have to target more specific and granular keywords. This will ensure that the money you do invest in your ad campaign is generating a positive ROI. For example, if you specialize in certain conditions, you should target those words. For example, “urologist kidney stone,” or “kidney stone doctors.”

If you have a larger budget then you can target more broad keywords. For example, “urologist near me,” or ” best urologist in la.”

Next, you will choose the right bid strategy for your ad campaign.

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set your bidget and implement a bid stratgey for your google ads for urology marketing and advertising campaign

Conversion Tracking & Ad Rotation

In the next section, you can set up conversion tracking for your campaign. Conversion tracking will track what visitors did on your website after clicking on one of your Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising. Conversion tracking will help determine which keywords, ad groups, and ad campaigns are best at generating valuable customer activity.

Want to set up conversion tracking for your campaign? Learn more here.

For your Ad Rotation settings, Google will automatically select the first option, “Optimize. Prefer best performing ads.” However, switch your setting to “Do not optimize. Rotate ads indefinitely.” 

set up conversion tracking and switch to "do not optimize."

Ad Extensions

Did you know that the larger your Google Ads appear on Google’s search result pages the more likely users are to click on it? Implementing extensions in your ad can help increase your ad clickthrough rate by 15%.

Ad extensions are a great opportunity to create much larger ads for your campaign. Ad extensions include additional information on your ads like a phone number, your clinic’s address, and more links to your website.

Some Ad extensions you should include in your Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising are call extension and sitelink extensions.

A call extension will add a number to your ads. Including a phone number in your ad can increase your clickthrough rate. A call extension will make it easier for customers to get in contact with your business.

You should also include sitelink extensions in your ads to make them appear larger on Google. Sitelinks are also a great way to provide users with easy access to information they may need when searching for a Urologist. Some sitelink extensions you may want to include in your ad are, “Urological Conditions,” “Urologist for Men,” or “Urologist for Women.” These are all specific to the types of service that patients may need.

create ad extensions for your google ads

Urology Marketing Ad Group Name & Keywords

In the next part, you will create an ad group name and decide on keywords that are suitable for that ad group. The keywords you enter in an ad group should be related to the Ad Group name.

For example, if your ad group name is Urologist-Kidney Stones, then you will know that the keywords and ads in that ad group are specific to that urological condition. Some keywords you can include in that ad group maybe, “urologist treatment for kidney stones,” “kidney stone doctor,” or urologists kidney stones specialists.”

Focusing each ad group on one specific detail of the urology clinic can help provide potential clients with information related to the keywords they are searching. Providing the most relevant information to visitors will help convert them into patients for your clinic.

google ads for urology marketing and advertising ad group name and keywords example

How To Use & Access The Keyword Planner Tool

If you would like some ideas for keywords to target in your ad group, you can use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner will give you some ideas of keywords to target. It will also show you how many times those keywords are searched and the price range it will cost to target those keywords.

To access the Keyword Planner first click on Tools and Settings on the top right of Google Ads.

click on tools and settings

Next, under Planning, select The Keyword Planner tab.

next, click on keyword planner

Then, click on Discover New Keywords. 

click on discover new keywords box

Enter the keywords you are aiming to target, the location of your urology clinic, and the domain of your website. Entering your domain will help Google filter our keywords that are related to products or services that you do not offer. Click Get Results.

fill out the keywords, location and website domain to get keyword suggestions

The results will show you keyword ideas that can help you reach people interested in your product or service.

urology keyword planner results

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Creating Your Urology Advertisements

The next step in setting up your campaign is creating your Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising that users will see on their search result pages.

Final URL & Display Path

You will need to enter the Final URL for your ad. The Final URL will take users to a specific landing page as we mentioned earlier in this article. The Final URL directs visitors to a page on your website dedicated to the specific topic they searched for.

The Display Path is the URL that users will see on the ad. It will give users an idea of the contents of the page they will land on if they click on your ad.

final url & display path google ads for urology marketing and advertising example

Ad Headlines

To create search ads that are effective you need to write compelling headlines for your ads. Your ad headlines should include keywords that users searched. Users are more likely to click on ads that contain relevant information to their search terms.

headlines for google ads for urology marketing and advertising example

Ad Description

Google Ads allows 60 characters in each of your ad descriptions. In order to make your ads appear larger, you should use all the space you are allowed.

As a urologist, your ad description should highlight details of your clinic that your competitors may not offer. For example, if you offer virtual urological appointments, you should highlight that in your ad description.

You should also include keywords in the description of your ads. It will show your ad’s relevance to the potential patient’s needs.

ad description examples for google ads for urology marketing and advertising

Advertisement Preview

As you write your ad headlines and ad descriptions for your marketing for urologist practice you will be able to see a preview of what your ads will look like when they appear to users. Google will show you a preview of what they will look like on a desktop and mobile device.

  • Mobile Device Preview

google ads for urology marketing and advertising mobile device preview

  • Desktop Device Preview

google ads for urology marketing and advertising desktop preview

After you are satisfied with the looks and content of your Google Ads for Urology you can publish your ads. Remember, your ads will not run the minute you publish them. They will need to be approved by Google first, which should take too long.

Checking On Your Urology Advertisements

After your ads are approved by Google and they begin to run it is important that you frequently check how they are performing. Monitoring how your ads are performing is crucial in ensuring that your campaign is effective and producing a positive return on investments.

One important thing to constantly check on for your Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising is your Search Term List. A Search Term List is a list of keywords that users have searched, that have triggered your ads to show. You may notice that your ads are showing up for keywords that are not relevant to your ads.

Should your ads pop up for any keywords that are not relevant to your healthcare practice then you can add them to your Negative Keywords List.

What Is A Negative Keywords List?

A Negative Keywords list is a list of Keywords that your ads will not show up for when users search them. After you have analyzed your search terms list, you may see that your ads are showing up for undesirable words

How to Add To Your Negative Keywords list

First, click on the Keywords tab in Google Ads.

click on keywords tab

Second, Click on Search Terms. Here is where you will see the list of keywords that users have searched, that have triggered your ads to show.

click on search term tab

To add any keywords to your negative keywords list, click on the Negative Keywords tab on the left.

next, click on the negative keywords tab to see list or add to it

Then click on one of the plus signs to add to your list.

click on plus sign "negative keywords" to add to list

Enter all the undesirable keywords in the box. Now when users search any of those keywords, your ads will not show up.

For instance, after looking over your search terms list you may notice your ads are frequently popping up for searches regarding urology schools. If this is the case, you should add those keywords to your negative keywords list.

example of a list of negative keywords your google ads for urology marketing and advertising may be showing up for

Keeping up with your negative keywords list will help save your ad campaign save money and generate more intentional clicks for your Google Ads Urology Marketing and Advertising campaign.

If you are a urologist looking for a quick way to advertise your urology practice to grow your clinic and bring in the right type of urology patients, then Google paid advertisements are a great way to achieve this! Google Ads for Urology Marketing and Advertising can target the right patients the moment they search for the medical treatments you provide.

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