Google Ads for Urgent Care Centers – Best Guide for Urgent Care Advertising 2022

Google Ads for urgent care centers campaigns increase revenue of a typical urgent care facility in the hundreds of thousands. In this article, we provide a full comprehensive guide on how to build and maintain a Google Ads campaign. 

Google Ads for Urgent Care Centers Campaign Terms

Campaign:  A campaign consists of ad groups, keywords and carefully written copy that will translate into successful advertisements. 

Ad Groups:  Ad groups are broad terms that will guide the selection of your keywords.

Keywords: Keywords are the words that potential patients will be searching into Google that will be used throughout your campaign. 

Leads: Leads are those who are looking at your site and engaging in the content but have not yet decided to follow through with your service. 

 Conversions: Conversions are when people complete an action such as scheduling an appointment online or via phone. 

PPC: This is the price per click. It is how much you will pay to Google when your ad is clicked on. 

Creating Your Google Ads for Urgent Care Centers Campaign

To begin, log into your Gmail account associated with your urgent care center. 

You will then head to the Google Ads website and make an accounting using the same email you logged into previously. 

When you hit Start now, you should be redirected to the page shown below to begin creating your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

Select Switch to expert mode to assure you have full control over your new campaign. 

1 Switch to expert mode

Now, you should be asked to select a campaign goal. 

Once again, because we want full control over your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign, we will select Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance

2 Create a campaign without a goals guidance

Next, you will need to select a campaign type. 

You are going to select Search for your campaign. 

This means that your urgent care center’s advertisements will appear when someone searches in Google using the keywords you will select later on. 

3 Select search campaign

Now, you will select the results you want from the Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

You will be selecting Website visits and Phone calls

These are going to be the results that will generate a high volume of leads. 

4 Select website visits and phone calls

You will now name your campaign. 

If you plan on creating multiple Google Ads for urgent care center campaigns, we recommend you name this one “[Your Urgent Care Center] Campaign 1.” 

The inclusion of the number will help you keep organized in the future. 

For the purposes of this guide, we did not include a number in our example. 

Now, you need to pay close attention to what is checked off for the Networks section. 

Google is going to automatically check both the Search Network and Display Network options. 

We recommend you unselect both options. 

Google tries to tempt you by saying it can lower costs and increase your impressions, but do not take that to heart. 

There is no way to track who is showing your ads by including search partners and display networks. 

Because of that, it is not primed for optimization, meaning it could be money down the drain. 

Assure that both options are unselected and continue on. 

5 Unselect search network and display network

Now, you can start entering in the location your urgent center plans on targeting. 

You can enter in locations as wide as a state and as small as a zip code, so keep that in mind as you enter in the location. 

6 Enter another location

You now want to open the drop-box for Location options

Select Presence for both Target and Exclude

This will allow you to target only those who are currently in the surrounding area you have chosen for the location. 

No money will be spent on those who are not likely to visit your center. 

7 Target and exclude

Now, you should select the languages your urgent care center can cater to. 

This will help you separate your clinic from the rest, so make sure to make note of all languages that you can communicate in effectively. 

We recommend that you create a separate campaign for each of the languages spoken for better optimization. 

8 Select languages spoken

You will now enter in the budget for your campaign. 

Campaigns with a low budget will not generate many impressions or leads. 

We recommend you start your campaign out with a budget of $40-50. 

Keep in mind that though this is a daily budget, Google can spend more or less depending on the day. 

However, Google will not spend more money than what is allotted for the entire month.

This means that you will not have to worry about going over the monthly budget of $1,200. 

9 Enter in your daily budget

Next is the bidding strategy. 

You will select the Or, select a bid strategy directly option below

While it says it is not recommended, this is only because Google will not have full control over how you are spending your money.

10 Select a direct bidding strategy

Now, you should select Manual CPC for your bidding strategy. 

11 Select the manual option

Next, you are going to see the options for Ad rotation

Google will automatically select the Optimize option, however, we want to be able to optimize the campaign ourselves. 

Select the Do not optimize: Rotate ads indefinitely option. 

This will allow all the ads for this Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign to run equally. 

We can go in later using Google Analytics to view the performance of each ad and edit them as needed. 

12 Rotate them evenly

Now, we can start to get to work on the Ad extensions.

This greatly enhances clickthrough rates, so make sure you do not slack on your copy. 

13 Start working on the extensions

You are going to start by creating the sitelink extensions. 

These extensions are important to maximize the real estate that your Google Ads for urgent care centers will take up. 

Think of the sitelink text as a service page on your website. 

It will cover only one general topic that your urgent care center can expand upon. 

Make sure that the language you use is enticing to potential customers. 

Also, you want to make sure that the final url links to the section of your website that the sitelink text refers to. 

Do not talk about pricing and costs and then link to your clinic’s hours. 

This will frustrate your potential patients and lower your clickthrough rate. 

14 Create sitelink extensions

For callout extensions, all you need to do is create short phrases that highlight your niches. 

Once again, you will want to use phrases that will attract your potential patients. 

Do keep in mind that you cannot make claims that you can perform a service when that is not true. 

Not only will your clickthrough rate decrease, but so will your clinic’s overall reputation. 

15 Creating callout extensions

Now, you can get started with your call extensions. 

Enter in your exact number so that all calls will be directed straight to your urgent care facility. 

The most important part of this selection is hidden within the Advanced options

Open Advanced options located below Conversion action

16 Open advanced options for call extensions

You want to make sure there is no Start date or End date

Like your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign, you want to manually end all functions. 

Pay close attention to the Days and hours section. 

You want this section to exactly reflect the dates and times that your facility will have someone near the phone. 

The last thing you want is someone to call your urgent care clinic and no one to pick up. 

This will cost you valuable leads and conversions. 

17 Scheduling when the calls are available

Selecting Keywords for Your Google Ads for Urgent Care Centers Campaign

Now you are entering the most important part of creating your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

Selecting the keywords you will bid on. 

If you need help selecting keywords, please schedule an appointment with us for a free consultation. 

Need help with keywords?

We recommend you use Google’s Keyword Planner to select your keywords. 

Make sure you are using the same Gmail account associated with your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign so that the keywords can populate automatically. 

Enter into the keyword planner site and select Discover new keywords

18 Opening Googles Planner

We recommend you start your keyword search by entering “urgent care centers near me.” 

“Near me” or “In my zip code” should be included in your first few keyword phrases. 

This will make up a majority of the keywords in your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign.

May attention to the location the keyword planner is set to. 

You want the location of the keywords to be in the same area your campaign will be targeting so that you get an accurate estimate of prices. 

Prices for certain keywords can be significantly higher or lower depending upon your location. 

Higher populated areas with a higher net income will be more expensive than areas of the opposite status. 

Click on the location located below the keyword search bar. 

19 Specify location for accurate pricing

A map should open showing the location you plan on targeting. 

If the location is correct, do not worry about adjusting it. 

However, if it is incorrect, change it to accurately reflect your urgent care center’s location. 

20 Open location map

After you hit GET RESULTS, you should be shown all the potential keywords you will be able to bid on along with the pricing. 

Select the keywords you plan on using and they should populate within your main campaign. 

21 Selecting the words to transfer to the group

You can also enter Negative keywords into your campaign. 

This will assure that you do not bid on keywords that are completely unrelated to your campaign. 

Open Negative keywords on the left side of the page.

22 Locating the negative

Enter in all the negative keywords you want to avoid bidding on. 

You can find lists of common negative keywords online. 

23 Enter in the negative words

Return to your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

You should see your keywords populated under the ad group you have created. 

24 Populated word group

There is a large chance that the keywords you enter may be given a red flag by Google. 

If that is the case, you have the option to Request an exception or remove the keywords.

It is up to you which route you want to take. 

24 Populated word group

Creating the Ads that Will Appear on Google

Now, you are going to create your ads for your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

Remember to utilize your keywords as well as words that will be appealing to anyone looking to visit your urgent care center. 

People care about things like upfront pricing, short wait times and friendly staff, so make sure you let your potential customers know in your advertisement. 

26 Creating Headlines

For the descriptions, you are going to follow the same philosophy as the headlines. 

27 Writing descriptions

You should be able to see what your ads will look like in Google on the right of the page. 

Below are advertisements as will be shown on mobile and desktop. 

28 Example of mobile

29 Example on desktop

Save your progress, enter your billing information and congratulations!

Your advertising campaign will now run on Google. 

Here is an example of a successful urgent care clinic ad on Google.

Example of Brooklyn Urgent Care Center

Returning to Your Campaign to Optimize With Google Trackers

After a couple of days of your Google Ads for urgent care campaigns running, you will want to see how it’s performing. 

We recommend you add some trackers to your website with Google’s tags. 

This process is nowhere near as grueling as creating your campaign, so don’t stress yet. 

You will want to start by reentering into your Google Ads account and selecting the campaign you have just created. 

Select the Tools & Settings icon located on the top right of the page. 

30 Entering into measurements

You should then enter into a drop-down box. 

Select Conversions under the Measurement section. 

31 Selecting conversions

Enter into the creation tool by selecting +CONVERSIONS

32 Enter into the creation tool

Keep in mind that you will be able to install multiple tags to your site for conversion tracking. 

You will need to use both Website and Phone calls for your Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

However, for the purposes of this guide, we will only be showing you the Website conversion method.

Select Website.  

33 Select website

You can track multiple actions on your website that might be beneficial for you to know. 

We will be setting up a website tracker for Book appointment

This means that it will track every time that someone visits your website and follows through with booking an appointment. 

34 Select bookings

You will be able to add a monetary value for you to track each time someone books an appointment. 

You might want to select Use different values for each conversion if your service prices are set in stone.

You are also going to want to select Every for the amount of times a conversion will be counted. 

This means that a single person can make multiple appointments and each of them counts as a conversion since they will have to pay different amounts each time. 

35 Enter in a value to each conversion

After you have all that selected, you can decide how you would like to install the tag within your website. 

If you need any assistance with this, schedule a free consultation with us to let us see how we can help you. 

Need help with your tag?

How Google Ads Significantly Increases Your Revenue 

When most think about spending $40-50 a day on Google Ads, they think it is too much money for too little payoff. 

However, that is completely incorrect. 

This initial investment into Google Ads will seem insignificant when you see the returns.

We like to encourage you to use our ad spend equation to see how much money it takes to obtain a single patient. 

CPC x Conversion Rate = Price to obtain a single patient

Let’s say the CPC for the keywords for a Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign is around $11. 

We will assign them a conversion rate of around 10%. 

When we place these numbers into the equation, it appears as follows. 

$11 CPC x 10 (Conversion Rate)  = $110 per patient

Determining the Lifetime Value of a Patient

Without the context of the lifetime value of a patient, the ad spend equation only shows how much you are spending. 

However, the lifetime value of a patient shows how much you get in return. 

CLV = (Yearly Revenue x Retention Rate) – Ad Costs

On the higher end of pricing, the average spent per urgent care center is $200 for a patient without insurance. 

A loyal customer obtained through Google Ads might visit your center around 3 times a year

Plugging all known information into the equation results in a lifetime value of $1,090 if you retain that patient for only 2 years. 

That means you are receiving almost 100 times more than your initial investment off of one patient alone.  

Remarketing is Not Possible with a Google Ads for Urgent Care Centers Campaign

One of the best features of Google Ads is its ability to perform remarketing. 

This essentially captures information from a user’s past searches and website interactions to show them the ads that they may have interacted with before. 

However, Google does not allow for any businesses that require medical information to run remarketing campaigns. 

This means that remarketing is not possible for this Google Ads for urgent care centers campaign. 

Google takes into consideration HIPPA laws when running your ads and obtaining information on the searcher. 

Capturing and recording someone’s medical information via Google directly violates HIPPA laws.

There are other ways to reach your target audience without relying on remarketing. 

Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can work around remarketing limitations. 

Let us help you!