Google Ads for Family Doctors – Best Step-by-Step Guide for Physicians 2022

With a good Google Ads for Family Doctors campaign, your amount of regular patients increases significantly. This step-by-step guide shows you how to triple your revenue with Google Ads.

Key Terms Needed to Understand Google Ads

Campaign: A campaign (what you are currently creating) consists of ad groups and keywords that form multiple advertisements for Google.

Ad groups: Ad groups are umbrella concepts used to guide the formulation of keywords.

Keywords: Keywords are the words used to search for specific services or products that are used throughout the campaign.

PPC: PPC, or price-per-click, is how much you will pay each time a potential patient clicks on your advertisement.

Leads: Leads are people who have expressed interest in your physician’s office by interacting with your advertisement.

Conversions: Conversions are when the leads follow through with a specific action such as booking an appointment.

Creating Your Google Ads for Family Doctors Campaign

To get started, log into the Gmail account associated with your clinic.

Make sure this is an account you have easy access to or you will not be able to make changes to your Google Ads for family doctors campaign.

When you enter into Google Ads, select Switch to Expert Mode.

Entering expert mode allows you to fully customize your campaign rather than letting Google generate one for you.

1 Switch to expert mode for your google ads for family doctors campaign

After you are redirected to another page, you are going to select Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.

Once again, this allows you to have full control over your campaign.

You will then select Search for your campaign type.

Now, you are going to be asked to select the results you want to get from your campaign.

Unless you have an app associated with your clinic, you will select only Website visits and Phone calls.

You should now name your campaign.

If you plan on doing multiple campaigns in Google Ads for family doctors, you might benefit from adding numbers to distinguish between your campaigns.

Now, Google wants you to choose which additional networks to display your advertisements on.

Google will automatically check off both Search Network and Display Network.

You want to deselect BOTH options.

Do not pay attention to the disclaimers they give below the selection.

This option sends your advertisements to random sites that may or may not pertain to your Google Ads for family doctors campaign.

You want to avoid spending money on things that you can not review and optimize in the future.

Next, you should decide your audience based on location.

If you have multiple clinics spanning the county or state, you can list them all within your Google Ads for family doctors campaign.

You can even target a micogroup in a zip code range if you feel that will benefit your clinic more.

Click on Enter another location and select the area best for you.

Follow up by opening the Location options drop-down menu.

This section will help you pinpoint exactly who you want to see your ads.

Select Presence for both Target and Exclude.

This will assure that you will only target those who are currently or frequently in the area you defined prior.

It will allow you to save money on your Google Ads for family doctors clinic by not allowing those who are unlikely to visit your clinic to click on your ad.

Now, you should enter in the languages spoken at your family health clinic.

This is critical to establishing a niche and cultural connection to your potential patients.

We recommend that you create a separate campaign for each of the languages spoken.

If that is not possible, do not worry and plug them into a single campaign.

For your budget, you are going to have to get used to spending money to get money.

We recommend you set a daily budget of $40-50 per day.

If this seems like too much for you, we will explain later in the guide how this investment is miniscule in comparison to the return.

Under the section for Bidding, you are going to select, Or, select a bid strategy directly (not recommended).

It’s not recommended because, once again, this means that Google does not have a say as to where the money goes.

You will now select Maximize clicks for the bid strategy.

You have the option to enter in a bid limit for your CPC.

For the purposes of this guide, we entered $6.

This means that Google will spend no more than $6 each time your advertisement is clicked.

If you would like more information on how to do bidding, schedule a free consultation with us. 

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Creating Ad Extensions for a Higher Clickthrough Rate

Now you will get into the more creative aspect of the campaign.

You will begin with Sitelink extensions.

You want to use language that is appealing to your audience.

Highlight any aspect of your business that is appealing to the masses.

For callout extensions, follow the same philosophy, but make it punchy.

You have less character space to take up, so spend it wisely.

Finally, you will need to pay close attention to Call extensions.

Enter in the exact number that leads to whoever will be answering calls.

If it is incorrect, you will lose several leads.

Select Advanced options below to open a drop-down menu.

Adjust the hours below to reflect when your clinic is open.

If this is incorrect, you will have multiple people calling your establishment only to be disappointed.

Finding Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner

Now, enter into Keyword Planner using the Gmail account associated with your Google Ads for family doctors campaign.

Select Discover new keywords to get started.

Enter in your keywords.

We recommend you use phrases like “family doctors near me” or “family doctors [in your city]” for the best results.

Select the location below the search results.

Assure that this location reflects the area you plan on targeting in your campaign.

You do not want to bid on keywords that are not relevant to your area.

Now select the keyword you want to use in your campaign, and they will automatically populate in your campaign.

Creating Advertisements for Your Campaign

When crafting the advertisements, you want to make sure that you are hitting all the necessary keywords for your campaign.

Your final URL should lead directly to your landing page that includes similar keywords.

For headlines, you want to once again highlight what separates your clinic from the others.

You should be left with your headlines.

Once again, highlight your specialties while using a blend of engaging language and keywords.

To the right, you should be able to see what your advertisement might look like on mobile.

Select done, and publish your Google Ads for family doctors campaign.


You have just created your first campaign.

Below is an example of a campaign currently running on Google.

How to Set Up Tags for Optimizing Your Google Ads for Family Doctors Campaign

Give your Google Ads for family doctors campaign a week or two to start generating results before going back and optimizing.

To start the optimization process, log into the Gmail account associated with the campaign.

Enter into the campaign you have previously created.

Now, select the Tools & Settings icon located at the top of the campaigns bar.

Under the Measurement and select Conversions.

When you are redirected to the next page, you want to select the large plus bottom.

When asked Select the kind of conversions you want to track, you can select any of them that suit your campaign.

As a matter of fact, we recommend that you track as many conversions as applicable.

However, for the purposes of this guide, we will be selecting Phone calls.

We will track Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads, as this will reflect directly on the Google Ads for family doctors campaign we have just created.

You are going to select the same value for each conversion.

We are going to assume that for an appointment, you will be at least making $200.

You want to count only one conversion per lead.

Luckily, there is no tracker needed to install.

Enjoy tracking your calls!

Using our Ad Spend Equation for Potential Patients

To put the spending into perspective, we recommend you take a look at our ad spend equation to determine how much you should spend to obtain one patient.

CPC x Conversion Rate = Price to obtain a single patient

To find your cost per click, you are going to want to take the average price of keywords using keyword planner.

For the area we have chosen, the average cost per click is $15.

Remember that pricing always depends on location.

The conversion rate is something that differentiates between industries.

For the sake of simplicity, we will say that the conversion rate for a Google Ads for family doctors campaign is 10%.

This means that for every 10 people that click on your ad, at least one will make the conversion.

Let’s plug that into the equation.

$15 CPC x 10 (Conversion Rate)  = $150 per patient

This means that you will spend $150 for each patient you obtain during the duration of your Google Ads for family doctors campaign.

Finding the Lifetime Value of a Single Patient

If you are having a problem with justifying putting so much money into a Google Ads for family doctors campaign, look at the lifetime value of a single patient.

The lifetime value of a patient refers to how much one patient will spend at your business during the duration of their time associated with your clinic.

The equation is as follows:

CLV = (Yearly Revenue x Retention Rate) – Ad Costs

Based on data collected from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the average working American spends about $7,153.

Say you retain that person for only two years, a small duration, but with big benefits.

Log your numbers into the equation and you get what follows.

(7,153 Revenue x 2 Retention Rate) – 150 = $14,156

That initial $150 is nothing in comparison to what you get in return.

Google Algorithm Updates of 2021 You Need to Know

Remember that you should not be focusing solely on your Google Ads for family doctors campaign when it comes to increasing your relevancy.

SEO (or search engine optimization) is another critical element of engagement that generates a high volume of leads and conversions.

You want your website to be on the front page of Google, or else you might be missing out on big money.

Google’s recent algorithm updates might change the way you approach building and maintaining your site.

The following are the things to take into consideration when building/updating your site:

  • Loading speed: Slow loading speeds can frustrate your audience and derank your site
  • Mobile-friendly experience: Make sure text and images are easily viewable for mobile users
  • Keyword Overload: Google can scan your site for context, so if your keywords are overstuffed or do not make sense for your product and service, your site will derank

These updates mostly pertain to enhancing the overall user experience; something that you should always be thinking about.

If you are having trouble maintaining or increasing your ranking on Google with the new updates, schedule a consultation with us today.

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You Cannot Perform Remarketing with a Google Ads for Family Doctors Campaign

Remarketing is a useful method of targeting those who have already shown interest in your product or service.

This relies on the presence of cookies on your website that essentially captures your patient’s information to figure out what they might want to see in the future.

Google does not want to be liable for a leak of medical information, so remarketing is not possible for any campaigns that include medical treatments.

That does not mean there are no other ways to reach your audience effectively.

If you need any help working around remarketing limitations, schedule a free consultation with us today.  

Find a workaround!