Google Ads for Dermatologists – Best Guide for Dermatologist Advertising 2022

Learning Google Ads for Dermatologists will increase your clinic’s rank and attract numerous new patients. We go over step by step exactly what you need to do in this guide.

Terms to Know When Working with Google Ads for Dermatologists

Google Adwords: This is the previous name of Google Ads that you will see often when searching for Google Ads content.

Campaign: This is what the ad groups, keywords, and copy are nestled within. They allow for customization that best suits the needs of the ads campaign.

Ad Groups: Ad Groups are the larger themes of the keywords you will be using within your ads.

Keywords: These are the words that are going to make up most elements of your advertisements. They are the most critical part of your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign.

Starting your Google Ads for Dermatologists Account

When you begin setting up your Google Ads for dermatologists account, you want to sign into Gmail using the email account associated with your clinic. This will make it easier to log back into the campaign in the future.

If this is your first Google Ads for dermatologists campaign, you should be asked What’s your main advertising goal? 

Because we want full control over this campaign, we are not going to answer this question, and instead, we will click Switch to Expert Mode as shown by the red arrow.

1 Switch to Expert Mode for your Google Ads for Dermatologists campaign

Selecting the Settings and Preferences

Now that you have selected Switch to Expert Mode, you should be redirected to a different page.

You will be asked to select a campaign goal, but once again, we want full control for this Google Adwords campaign.

Select Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.

2 Create a campaign without goals guidance

As for campaign type, since this is a Google Ads for dermatologists campaign, we recommend you choose Search.

3 Create a Search Campaign

Now, you should be asked what kind of results you want from this Google Ads for dermatologists campaign.

You are going to select Website visits and Phone calls, as this is what is going to allow for the potential patients to make a conversion.

4 Your desired dermatologist campaign results

You will once again be redirected to a different page. Here you will name the campaign and select the networks you want your ads to be featured on.

We recommend you only select Search Network, as this will allow your ad to be seen only by those who have a high purchase or booking intent.

5 Naming your dermatology campaign

Under this selection, you will see that there are additional settings under a dropdown menu. Open this up.

Make sure that the End date states Not set. We recommend that you manually end the campaign when needed so that you do not prematurely miss out on any leads.

6 Selecting a campaign end date

Next, you are going to need to set the location of your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign.

This is going to be an important part of your campaign, so make sure you follow these directions as best as possible.

You will be asked to select a location to target.

Target only your surrounding area if possible. This can mean either choosing your specific city or county.

You want to be realistic about how many patients will be willing to make a lengthy drive to your dermatology clinic.

However, if you are the only dermatology clinic within a greater area, it may be worth spanning your advertisements out to a larger audience.

7 Selecting a dermatologist campaign location

You want to open up the Location options drop-down menu to access more settings.

We want to choose only Presence for both the Target and Exclude options.

For a Google Ads for dermatologists campaign, you want to target only those who are likely to visit your dermatologist clinic.

8 Knowing who to target and who to exclude

There are certain instances that it might be in your best interest to broaden your horizons, so we recommend you book a free consultation with us to learn more. 

Need help choosing a location?

Next, you are going to want to choose the languages you want your campaign to appear in.

This is a great opportunity to establish yourself in a specific niche of dermatology clinics, so it would benefit you to include multiple languages.

However, do not include a second language within this campaign. We recommend you create a separate campaign in the other language so that you can track performance separately from the overall campaign.

9 Selecting campaign languages


As for the budget, we recommend you place a daily budget of $40-$50. Anything under might be costing you valuable leads.

It does not pay to be cheap in Google Ads, so take that into consideration when building the Google Ads for dermatologists campaign.

10 Selecting Bid Amount

Now, you should be looking at the bidding price. You are going to want to set the focus on clicks and set the maximum cost per bid limit.

For the sake of this Google Ads for dermatologists campaign, we set the maximum bid at $10.

10 Selecting Bid Amount

If you would like help setting up your bidding price, schedule a free consultation with us today.

Need help with your bidding price?

Now you can get into the more creative side of Google Ads by writing your sitelink extensions and headlines.

Make sure to utilize all the space that Google Ads offers you so that you can take up as much space in the search engine as possible.

When you write your sitelink extensions, think about what makes your dermatologist clinic unique for potential customers.

10 Selecting Bid Amount

Take note of how they are written in the example, but if you want us to give you some guidance on ad copy, feel free to schedule an appointment with us. 

Need help with ad copy?

You should now be asked to enter a number for the call extension. Enter it in properly and double-check that you are not linking the number of a different establishment.


It is important to go into the advanced settings of the call extensions to view Extensions Scheduling options.

You want to make sure that you set the hours of the call extension to hours that you or your receptionist will be in the office.

Do not cost yourself a valuable patient because you are not able to get to the phone.

14 Setting specific times for calls

Searching For Keywords Relevant to Your Dermatology Clinic

This is going to be the most critical part of your campaign, so try to treat it with care when selecting keywords.

Name your ad group to begin. We recommend you use words like “near me” or “in [your city]” to increase your reach.

15 Naming the groups


When planning which specific keywords you will use in your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign, we recommend you use Keyword Planner.

The recommended keywords will be sufficient for your campaigns.

17 Getting your keywords

You might experience an error message when choosing the keywords due to legal precedents set by Google Ads. Do not worry, we will cover this later in the guide.

Make sure to set up multiple ad groups for better optimization. Once again, you want to take up as much space as possible in the search engine for maximum results for your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign.

Setting up Your Ad for Dermatologists

Now, we will get into the fun part. When writing your advertisements, get creative but stay professional and in line with the keywords you have chosen prior.

A good Google Ads for dermatologists campaign will utilize their keywords throughout all aspects of the campaign. This will help your ad get the most amount of traffic.

18 Writing headlines

When possible, include numbers in the headlines, as we have noticed this does generate more leads.

Now, you should start writing the descriptions under the headlines.

Remember to take advantage of the niches your dermatology clinics fall under. Don’t make any grammar or spelling mistakes, as that does not reflect well on your establishment.

16 Adding descriptions

Talk about any services that you offer that will set you apart from the competition.

Congratulations! You have officially completed your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign.

Go ahead and publish your campaign and watch the leads roll in over the course of a few months.

How Advertising in Google Should Look When Published

Your advertisement should look something like this when published.

19 Board Certified Dermatologist

How to Lower Your PPC

When working through your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign, you might be put off by the price per click for your advertisement.

We want to let you know that this investment, no matter how pricey it may seem, is going to double your profits.

However, that does not mean that we do not have tricks to lower the price.

If you would like us to guide you through the process of lowering your ppc, schedule a free consultation with us today. 

Lower your PPC!

There are two factors that affect your price per click: ad rank and your quality score.

We use this equation to determine the price.

Equation for Pricing

Should you increase your quality score and ad rank, your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign can see a significant decrease in price.

Increasing the Quality of Your Landing Page

It is incredibly important that your landing page is of good quality for reasons both stated before and later in the article.

To achieve this, you want to make sure that your landing page is rich in keywords, but not overstuffed. Meaning that if you shove a keyword into a sentence without taking into consideration the context or flow, your quality score will suffer.

You also want to make the site visually appealing by using high-quality images that correlate with your dermatology center.

You want to keep in mind all of the things that would turn you away from a site claiming to offer top-notch care and services.

Things like typos, grammatical errors, and low-resolution images do not reflect well on your facility. They need to be reminded that you are professional from the way you present your business to the way you conduct your services.

Especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures that will change your appearance and likely your quality of life, you will be ignored if it looks like there is any potential for a bad experience.

An unprofessional landing page might generate clicks, but it will seldom result in any conversions in the form of consultations or booking.

Google’s Latest Algorithm Updates

Google’s latest algorithm updates force the local dermatologists looking to advertise through Google to take great care of the content they are producing on their website.

Now more than ever, overusing keywords without proper adherence to the context will lead your site to derank significantly.

They are also now looking at the quality of your page when in a mobile setting.

What this means for your local dermatology clinic is that you must pay attention to how your site appears to those utilizing a phone or tablet. They want you to take into consideration aspects of the mobile site such as font size and image quality so that it is easily accessible to an on-the-go audience.

You do not want to miss out on a potential conversion opportunity because your mobile site is unreadable by users.

How to Optimize Your Google Ads for Dermatologists Campaign Through Google Analytics

After letting your campaign run for a while, we recommend that you begin the optimization process through Google Analytics.

This will allow you to see the areas in your Google Ads for Dermatologists campaign that are underperforming or even performing better than expected.

From there you may be able to make decisions on how to adjust your Google Ads campaign for the best performance possible.

To begin, you will need to go back into your Google Ads for Dermatologist campaign through the Gmail you used to create it.

When you have logged in, start by opening up the Tools & Settings tab located on the top right of the page.

20 Entering the measurements page

A large drop-down menu should appear. You want to go to the Measurement section and select Conversions.  

20 Entering the measurements page

This is going to allow you to track how many people make a conversion as a result of interacting with this campaign.

When you are redirected to a different page, you need to hit the large plus button.

22 Creating Specific Conversion Trackers

You should be asked to start tracking conversions.

You can pick any one of these options if they are applicable to your dermatology clinic (i.e. if you have an app or other Google Analytics tags previously set).

For the purposes of this guide, we will be selecting Website.

23 Selecting which conversion tag to install

After selecting the conversion, you will now be asked to create an action.

What we will do now is set up tracking for booking appointments.

We will click the Book Appointment option within the drop-down menu.

24 Selecting what you want to track within measurements

As your clinic is likely to offer a multitude of both cosmetic and corrective services, we can track one conversion.

Now, we are able to assign a price to this specific service.

Because the prices of dermatology services vary greatly depending on the type of service, the time needed to complete the procedure, and the tools used, we will be selecting Use different values for each conversion.

25 Assigning a price to the conversion

We assigned this conversion a price of $360 based upon price estimates.

Now, it should ask you how many times you would like to count the conversion.

Because it is hardly ever the case that a dermatological treatment will be one and done, you want to record every instance someone books a laser procedure.

Select the option for Every.

26 Choosing how many times to count a conversion

Now, save your progress and continue.

The tag is now ready for use.

Choose one of the options below to install the tag to your website and start tracking conversions.

27 Choosing how to install the tag

How Google Ads for Dermatologists Can Double Your Revenue

In a field like dermatology, there is a lot of money to be made by a single conversion.

In this section of the article, we will explain how this investment into Google Ads will generate significant revenue for your dermatology clinic using our ad spend equation.

For the sake of this article, we will assume that the conversion rate is 10%.

On average, the cost per click for the keywords needed for this type of campaign is $13.

When we plug it into our ad spend equation, you can see that you are only spending $130 per customer received through this campaign.

$13 CPC x 10 (Conversion Rate)  = $130 per customer

The amount spent to gain a customer is easily returned to the clinic upon their first visit.

Limits to Google Adwords for Healthcare Practices

There are certain instances where you might be adding a keyword and receive an error message in response. This is not common for most other industries, but there are laws in place that prevent you from using certain keywords in your Google Ads for dermatologists campaigns.

This is of course due in part to privacy laws such as HIPAA that prevent the spread of your personal medical information to those outside of the practice.

Why Remarketing is not Possible for Google Ads for Dermatologists

Considering the fact that medical information cannot be tracked through Google, you will not be able to utilize remarketing.

Remarketing heavily relies on obtaining the user’s information to target them for advertising making it a red flag for HIPAA laws.

Instead, we recommend you schedule an appointment with us to see how we may be able to work around this for your Google Ads for dermatologists campaign. 

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