Google Ads for Chiropractors – The Best Guide For Chiros 2022

Google ads for Chiropractors are an effective way to grow your business, generate leads and bring in new patients to your clinic. Google Ads allow you to reach potential patients who are searching for the chiropractic services you offer. Google Ads are very effective because they are intent-based searches and intent-based ads. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to create successful googles ads for your clinic.

What are Google Ads?

Businesses can pay to have their ads on the top spot of Google’s search result pages. These ads are called Google Ads. Your clinic will only pay for the ads when the ads generate results, like clicks on your ads or calls to your business.

A key component of Google ads is that they target individuals in your area. They reach users right at the moment that they search for the chiropractic services that you offer. That can help grow your business, generate new leads, and create a consistent flow of new patients.

Why Google Ads for Chiropractors?

Google Ads are a great way to grow your business because close to 80%-95% of Google’s traffic for specific keywords goes to the first three search results. So, if your clinic is not top three on Google’s search result listings, then your website is most likely not getting much traffic and is bringing in a small number of new patients.

Google Ads works to reach people in your city as soon as they search for the services that you offer. So if you do not have a Google Ads Campaign running where your clinic is, you can be missing out on 80% of Google’s traffic. That means you miss out on local users who could be clicking on your ad. But, by creating an ad campaign for your city, you could generate 100s of new patients for your clinic.

Another component of Google Ads is that they are measurable. You can enable Conversion Tracking on your website to measure the success of your ads. Conversion tracking shows you what happens after a patient interacts with your ad. For example, if they signed up for your email lists, purchased a product, or called your office.

Log In Or Create A Google Ads Account

To start your Google Ads for Chiropractors, you must first be signed into or create a Google Ads account. If you need to create one, you can do so at

Once you create your account, click one of the blue “Start Now” buttons.

select "start now" to start ad campaign

Next, instead of choosing your main advertising goal select, “Switch to Expert Mode” in blue at the bottom of the page.

Switching to Expert Mode will give you more control of your campaign settings.

If you do not switch to Expert Mode, you will create your campaign in a simplified version of Google Ads.

then, select "switch to expert mode".

Then, select “Create an account without a campaign.”

create google ads account without a campaign

Lastly, you will need to confirm your business information.

Now your account is all set up.

you have created your google ads account

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Landing Pages for Chiropractic Marketing

Before you start your ad campaign, let’s talk about Landing Pages.

A landing page is where users will land if they click on your ad. A landing page should contain specific information on the chiropractic service they need.

For example, if someone is searching for “chiropractors back adjustment,” then your ad should direct them to a landing page about back adjustments. The page should cover how you could help them with their specific problem.

The more relevant information you can provide your clicks, the better chance you have of turning them into actual patients. To give your clicks the most appropriate information, you should have different landing pages for all of your differing ad groups.

This method will help turn potential clients into actual patients.

Check out this Free Landing Page Builder from Elementor.

Creating Your Google Ads Ads For Chiropractors

Now that you know more about landing pages and the effect they can have on the overall success of your campaign, you are ready to start creating your Google ads for Chiropractors campaign.

First, select “New Campaign” on your Google Ads account.

to start Google ads for Chiropractors, select "new campaign"

Next, select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.” 

choose "create a campaign without a goals guidance

Campaign Type

Then select “Search” as the campaign type. The Search Campaign Type means that your ads will show up when people type in specific keywords on Google.

select "search" as campaign type

Campaign Results

Next, you can select the Results you want to get from this campaign.

As a Chiropractor, Website Visits and Phone Calls may be the best options to measure the success of this campaign.

select results from campaign

Campaign Name & Network

Next, create a name for your Google ads for Chiropractors campaign

In the Networks Section, deselect Display Network so that ONLY Search Network is selected.

Ad Schedule

Next, select the blue words that read “Show more settings.” Here you will be able to set the Start and End Dates of your campaign. You will also be able to customize your Ad Schedule. Leave Campaign URL Options and Dynamic Search Ads Settings as is.

create chiropractors ads ad schedule

Location & Languages of Patients

Under the location and language section, select the locations you want your Google Ads for Chiropractors to target and the languages your patients speak.

The Location will help your ads reach people who are located in, frequently in, or who have shown interest in the area of your chiropractic clinic.

Language targeting allows you to restrict where your ads show and who sees your ads. This method is based on the user’s language settings and the language of their site. Include other popular languages spoken in your city.

Leave the Audience section as is.

set location to target and language for Google ads for Chiropractors

Budget & Bidding for Chiropractic Marketing

Under the Budget and Bidding section, define how much you want to spend and how you want to spend it across your ads.

Set your average daily budget.

In the Bidding section, under “What do you want to focus on?” choose “Clicks”. Under “select a bid strategy directly,” choose “Maximize Clicks” as your bid strategy.

set budget and implement bidding strategy

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Conversion Tracking & Ad Rotation

Under Show more settings, you will have the opportunity to set up Conversion Tracking. Like we mentioned earlier, Conversion tracking shows you what happens after a patient interacts with your ad. Conversion tracking can track if patients signed up for your email lists, purchased a product, or called your office.

For the Ad Rotation section, select “Do not optimize. Rotate ads indefinitely”. Rotating ads will ensure that Google will not run the best performing ads more often than ads not performing well. After you have collected enough data about the performance of your ads, you can adjust this setting.

rotate ads indefinitely

Ad Extensions

Next, you will be able to add any extensions to your Google Ads for Chiropractors that can contribute to the success of your campaign. Ad Extensions can increase your clickthrough rate by up to 15% by showing additional information on your ads.

It is also highly recommended that you include ad extensions to your ads because evidence shows that large ads generate more clicks. The more space your ad takes up on Google’s search result page, the more likely users will click on it.

Some beneficial extensions that you should consider adding to your Google Ads for Chiropractors include, Sitelink Extensions, Call Extensions, and Price Extensions.

Sitelink Extensions lead users to a specific page on your website. For example, a “Services” sitelink extension will lead users to a page on your website about the chiropractic services that your clinic offers. A “Walk-Ins” sitelink extension will direct users to a page about walk-ins and the requirements and services available to those individuals. Some popular sitelink extensions include “About Us” and “Contact Us.”

Another beneficial Extension for your clinic is the Call Extension. The call extension adds your phone number to your ad. Adding your phone number to your ad makes it easy for users to call your clinic. They will not have to scour your webpage for your phone number. Instead, it will be readily available for any potential patients.

include ad extensions in your google ads for chiropractors

Create Ad Group Name & Keywords

Here you will need to create an Ad Group Name and enter your desired keywords to target. Ad groups should contain one or more ads and a set of related keywords. You can create multiple ad groups.

You should group keywords related to your ad group name into one ad group. For example, if your ad group name is “Back Pain,” you should group keywords such as “back adjustments,” “lower back pain,” or “spinal stenosis” into that ad group. These keywords are relevant to the name of the ad group. In this group, you should avoid keywords like “neck pain.”

Google Ads for Chiropractors Ad Group Name and Keywords


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How To Use Keyword Planner

A helpful tool that Google Ads offers is the Keyword Planner tool. This tool will give you ideas on keywords your ads should be targeting.

To use this tool, click on the Tools and Settings icon on Google Ads.

select tools and setting to use keyword planner

Next, under Planning select, “Keyword Planner.”

select keyword planner under planning section

Then, select the “Discover New Keywords” box.

then select discover new keywords box

Next, enter the Keyword you want to target and the Domain of your website. Click “Get Results.”

This tool will show you similar keywords that users are searching for when they Google search terms related to the product or service your Chiropractic Clinic offers. It will also give ideas of keywords that your Google Ads for  Chiropractors should be targeting.

Creating Your Google Ads

Now it is time to work on the visual creation of your Google Ads for Chiropractors. These ads are what users will see when they search specific keywords related to your business and the services you offer.

Final URL & Display Path

First, you will need to enter your Final URL and create a Display Path. The Final URL is where your clicks will land when they click on your ad. The Display Path is the URL that users will see on your ad, but not the exact URL where clicks will land. Adding keywords and one path to your URLs can increase your quality score.

enter final URL & create display path for google ads for chiropractors ads

Headlines for Google Ads for Chiros

Next, you will work on creating captivating Headlines. When creating your Headlines, you must include popular keywords to make them relevant to the possible services that patients need.

To stand out amongst your competitors, include something that your competitors may not have or may not offer. For example, many chiropractic clinics may not offer walk-in appointments. So, if your clinic accepts walk-ins, include that as part of your headlines.

Your Headlines should include the most valuable information. This information can be promotions, offers, prices, or even if your clinic accepts insurance. If you put promotions or discounts in your headlines, it gives patients an incentive to click on your ad. It is also beneficial to include prices in your headlines so that patients are aware of the price points of your services. If the patient isn’t comfortable with your price point, chances are they won’t even click on your ad.

create informative and captivating headlines

Ad Description

When writing your Ad Descriptions, you should be using most or all 90 characters that Google Allows. Using all the space Google allows will make your ad larger, and potential patients will be more inclined to click on your ad.

Including details such as price, insurance, and promotions in your description will also attract more clients. Another beneficial thing to include in your ad description is credentials. For example, “3,000 Happy Patients” gives patients an incentive to trust your chiropractic clinic and services.

Write ad description

Ad Previews

As you create your ads, Google provides you a preview of what your ad will look like on a desktop and mobile device.

Mobile Preview:
google ads for chiropractors mobile preview
Desktop Preview:

google ads for chiropractors dekstop ad preview

Now that you have finalized the components of your Google Ads for Chiropractors campaign, you can publish your ads.

You will also need to enter your billing information to run your ad campaign. The credit card information you enter is where Google will charge you for clicks your ads generate.

Your ads will not run immediately after publishing them. First, they will need to be approved by Google.

Keywords for your Google Ads

Google Ads shows you a list of search terms that your ads have shown up. You should consistently analyze this list to ensure that your Google Ads for Chiropractors only show up for relevant search terms.

If you notice any undesirable keywords, you can add them to your negative keywords list. A Negative  Keywords list is a list of keywords that you have blocked your ads from showing up. For example, if your ad group is specifically about “back pain treatments,” then some negative keywords you may want to block are “family chiropractors” or “shoulder pain treatments.”

You can create a negative keywords list before your ad campaign and continue to add to it during your ad campaign.

Before Ad Campaign:

Before your ad campaign, you can start creating your negative keywords list. These are keywords you already know you want to block your ad from showing up. These lists can include the names of your local competitors or treatments that your clinic does not provide. You can also add services your clinic does not offer. For example, if your clinic does not offer walk-in appointments, then you should include that in your negative keywords list.

During Ad Campaign:

Throughout your campaign, you should consistently be checking the search terms when your ads are showing up. Checking during your campaign is beneficial because you can block any undesirable keywords that trigger your ads to show up. Being proactive with your negative keywords list is crucial to the success of your campaign. You can ensure that your ads are only generating intentional clicks and reaching relevant users. It can also save your clinic money and ensure you have a positive return on investment.

How To Add To Your Negative Keywords List

First, click on the “Keywords” in Google Ads.

click on the keywords tab

Next, select “Search Terms.” Here is where you will see all the search terms your ad has shown up.

select search terms tab to see terms ads have shown up for

If you notice any search terms you want to block, you can add them to your negative keywords list.

To do so, select the “Negative Keywords” tab on the left bar.

select negative keywords tab

Then select one of the blue plus signs or the blue “Negative Keywords.”

click on blue plus sign to add to negative keywords list

Next, add the negative search terms you wish to block in the box provided. For example, as a clinic looking to bring in new patients, you should block any keywords related to chiropractic research and statistics. This list can include, “books,” “case studies,” “news,” and “guides.”

Also, you may want to block keywords like “at-home chiro stretches.” Users who search this are not looking to come into a clinic for treatment or adjustments. Instead, they are looking for things they can do themselves.

negative keywords list example

Continuously adding to your negative keywords list can help your ads reach potential patients. It will also save your business money.

Google Ads for Chiropractors is an effective way to grow your business and bring new patients to your clinic. Your ads will reach individuals looking for the services you offer the moment they search for them.

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